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Get Accredited Heavy Equipment TrainingIgnore The Fly-By-Night Cowboys

Heavy equipment is one field where accredited training has become important. In the past, almost anyone could set themselves up as, say, a bulldozer trainer; charge you a small fortune for training which may or may not have been adequate, and left you with a worthless piece of paper.

You can always tell the cowboys. They don’t have an office or training rooms and all of their training is delivered on the machine. There is little in the way of official safety training or heavy equipment safety checking. Training organizations that deliver training to an accepted level will apply for accreditation. This ensures your training is up to a minimum set of standards. Training organizations will always advertise and promote that accreditation – why? Because they are proud of their accreditation.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools are a good example of this. They are proud of their accreditation and proudly display the NCCER logo that shows they are accredited to deliver heavy equipment training.

Training organizations that have been accredited will be around for the long haul. They wont advertise, take your money and then disappear – it’s only the training cowboys who do that.

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