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All Terrain Fork Vehicles – The Heavy Equipment Lifters

As the name suggests, all terrain fork vehicles can operate across a range of terrains and can often be found around mines and on some large construction sites. Their role in the heavy equipment world is to load and unload trucks and to move heavy equipment around the mine or construction site.

All terrain fork tend to be larger than a standard fork lift truck and are included in the heavy equipment category. They operate using a set of two or more ‘forks’ at the front of the truck. The forks are placed under the material to be moved, then raised until the material is well clear of the ground.

All terrain fork vehicles can be quite nimble and can move around a site fairly quickly, even with a heavy load. Operating a fork requires a sense of balance along with good eyesight and the ability to navigate a vehicle that often has a load that is much wider than the vehicle itself.

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