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Heavy Equipment Training Is At Your Fingertips

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have gone out of their way to provide individuals considering a career in the heavy equipment industry with all the information required to make a decision – and it is all at your fingertips.

To begin with, their is full featured video on heavy equipment as a career. This is a full motion presentation that is available online at the click of a button. The video will provide much of the information you require to make a career changing decision.

If you want the information in your hand, or you have problems viewing the online video, then you can request a brochure and a copy of the dvd. You can review these in the comfort of your own home at your own leisure.

Once you have decided that a career as a heavy equipment operator is right for you, you can fill in our online application form.

If your impatient to get started, then you can working through our free online training program. This will provide you with some of the basic knowledge required to get started as a heavy equipment operator.

As you can see, it all there at your fingertips – well at the click of a mouse button anyway.

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