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Questions To Ask Your Heavy Equipment Training Provider

There are a lot of individuals who are wanting to undertake heavy equipment training but get confused by the number of training schools around. To help determine which training provider is right for you, there are several questions you can put to them.

There are of course the obvious questions. How much will it cost me? How long does the training take? Those questions are fairly straightforward and you can make easy comparisons. However, simply comparing price can be a big mistake if don’t also include the following assessment of their services:

Is the training accredited and if so, through whom? – be sure the accreditation is through a recognized body and that the training provided is recognized nation wide.

Is there any job placement service available? – there are many providers that will train heavy equipment operators like a production line – in one door, trained, out the other door, goodbye. If they offer a job placement service then the training is going to be targeted towards employment, not getting you out the door.

Is there financial assistance available? – training providers that can offer financial assistance are generally on a sound financial footing themselves. They are not living day to day using your money to pay for last months training – a road to ruin, with your money.

Do they have successful students willing to vouch for the training? – happy customers are always one of the best indications of quality service. If there are heavy equipment operators who are willing to speak well of their training, then you can relax in the knowledge of receiving quality training.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Training School we encourage any questions like those above. Quality training to help you into the workplace is our aim. Our record speaks for itself with previous students happy to speak about their accredited training and subsequent employment within the industry.

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