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Discover The Construction Industry

Some of us don’t think much about it, until they start to build a new building near our home or work.  Then, we usually just complain about how the construction affects traffic and slows everything down. But stop to think about it: what would life be without construction; without heavy equipment? Before heavy equipment, everything was done by hand. Picks…

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Five Reasons Accidents Happen On The Job

Being a heavy equipment operator is a big responsibility because the machines are big. The size and weight of all the metal, along with moving parts, changing ground conditions on the site, and people not paying attention all add up to a potential for accidents you don't find at a desk job. But without the skill of heavy equipment operators,…

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Certification – Is It Really That Important?

Certification is slowly becoming an issue for many operators in the heavy equipment industry. This is particularly so of crane operators as more and more states adopt the concept of employers being only permitted to employ certified crane operators. From July this year, new standards will start to come in effect on a national level that will make it compulsory…

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