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Crane Operator Training Is The First Step To A Career Full Of Adventure

Crane operators can lead a boring life sometimes. You sit through your crane operator training, find a job on a construction site, then spend day after day lifting the same old stuff. Compare that to a mobile crane operator and things are completely different. In fact, the working life of a mobile crane operator can be quite an adventure – you just never know what tomorrow may bring.

Of course, the biggest difference between a mobile crane operator and a fixed construction crane is that a mobile crane is on the road. Every day brings a new job, a new location, new people and something entirely different to lift. In fact, much of your time is spent on the road, grounding the crane or packing up ready to move on.

Mobile crane operators do just about everything. They help with the laying of pipes; help to right overturned vehicles, especially big trucks; they even help to lift plant and equipment into homes and buildings. Mobile cranes have been called upon to lift giant wheels from earth-moving equipment when a change is needed out on site.

Operators of mobile cranes are multi-skilled requiring the skills and licensing of a truck driver whilst on the road, and the skills and certification of a crane operator while on the job. Operators also need to be able to make quick assessments of the job at hand to determine how best to perform the lift given the environment they are in.

You can undertake a fully accredited mobile crane operator training program through ATS Crane Operator Schools and following completion of the three week course, undertake the certification process through us as well. There’s nothing boring about a mobile crane operator’s job – in fact, every day brings something new. If this is the career for you, contact us for more information on the latest training schedules.

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