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Crane Operator Training And Certification Go Hand In Hand

Crane operator training is very different today than what it was twenty or thirty years ago. Today, the requirement in many states is not just training, but certification that you have met the minimum standards when it comes to knowledge and skills. There are other states where this requirement is not currently in place, however, training to work in those states and not receiving certification is a big mistake.

To begin with, any crane operator training that you undertake should be done to national standards. Training bodies that are accredited by organizations such as the NCCCO train to standards that industry itself has identified as being the minimum. If you think about this it is only logical to take the next step. Certification provides proof that you now meet those minimum standards. If you’re trained to a national level, why not become certified to prove it?

What are those minimum standards? In simple terms, it is an assessment of operational skills, safety knowledge and non-operational skills such as basic maintenance and fault identification. The reality is, you can learn these skills and gain this knowledge in as little as three weeks.

ATS Crane Operator Schools are not only accredited to deliver nationally recognized crane operator training, they are also accredited to undertake assessments under the national certification system. You can receive your crane operator training, undertake the assessments, and become a certified crane operator, all under the one roof. Crane operator training and certification go hand-in-hand so it makes sense to complete it all at the same time.

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