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Lattice Boom Crane Operator Training

Cranes are not all made the same with some requiring more skills than others. The lattice boom crane is one crane that requires extended crane operator training to achieve a proficiency ready for the workplace. Training for the lattice boom crane is a recent addition to the ATS training calendar and is only available through our training centers in Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Texas and California.

Standard crane operator training through ATS Crane Operator Schools is a three week nationally accredited program. Upon completion, graduates can be assessed against the national competencies for crane operators and, if successful, certified as crane operators. This certification is a national qualification, which means holders are eligible for employment in all states, particularly those where certification of crane operators is mandatory.

Lattice boom crane operator training is a two week extension to the standard crane operator training. This training is conducted every three months and upon completion, graduates can be assessed and certified as qualified lattice boom crane operators. Lattice boom crane operators are well paid compared to many other areas of the work place including mobile crane operators.

If a career as a crane operator appeals to you, why not contact ATS Crane Operator Schools to discuss your training and employment opportunities. Crane operators are always in high demand with skilled operators rarely out of work. Once you have graduated and been certified, our career service can help you identify suitable employers in your region where employment opportunities may exist. The demand is there for crane operators – are you capable of filling that demand? Call us to find out.

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