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The World’s Largest Construction Projects

The World’s Largest Construction Projects

On any given day there are thousands of construction projects going around the globe. But there are some construction projects of mammoth proportions. Here are some of those highly revered construction projects of the World’s largest scale:

Dubailand – This Dubai project is huge. So big three Disney World theme parks could fit inside. This $64 billion venture consists of 278 kilometers and it includes sports venues, eco-tourism, theme parks, science attractions, health care facilities, science-related attractions, and even hotels. Inside Dubailand will be the largest hotel in the world, containing a 10-million-square-foot mall and 6,500 rooms. This project is set for a 2025 completion date.

International Space Station – The International Space Station circles the earth every 92 minutes. It was built by a consortium consisting of 5 space agencies and 15 nations, it has construction costs exceeding $60 billion. The eventual costs are anticipated to exceed $1 trillion. And plans are for it to have the ability to house up to a million occupants.

London Crossrail Project – The first underground train system in the world is continuing to grow with 26 more miles of the tunnel being added to connect 40 stations. This project is expected to cost about $23 billion. It is being completed in phases, with the first section becoming operational in 2018 and the last section being in service by 2020.

Bejing Airport – This airport in China saw its first phase completed for the 2008 Olympiad. The further expansion is expected to be done by 2025. Zaha Hadid designed Terminal 1, incorporates several design concepts of a sustainable while presented in a futuristic approach.

South-to-North Water Transfer Project in China – About 50% of China’s population resides in North of China. That area only has about 20% of the water resources available in that country. To address the issue, China funded a major construction project consisting of three huge canals, each measuring more than 600 miles in length and carrying water from the three largest rivers in China to the North. It will take 48 years for the project to be completed.

Jubail II in Saudi Arabia – This industrial project spans 22 years with the second phase, an $11 billion expansion, getting underway in 2014. It will include miles of railways, at least 100 industrial plants, roads and highways, and an oil refinery with 350,000 barrels produced daily. The entire project is set to be done by 2024.

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