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Bradley Center

Bradley Center Demolition

MILWAUKEE, WI. – The former home of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Milwaukee Bucks had its roof demolition on Sunday, January 13. Demolition crews used explosives to take down the facility’s roof. Crews have been slowly taking down the facility piece by piece after it closed during the Summer of 2018. The building was 30 years old. Using explosives called “shape charges,” the structure’s roof came down at about 9:02 a.m.

Crowds braved the cold weather to watch the demolition take place. The Milwaukee Bucks gained control over Bradley Center as part of the agreement that led to the construction of the new $524 million Fiserv Forum, located next door. The seven-acre site is expected to be used for future development by the Bucs around the new arena.

The complete demolition of the Bradley Center is expected to be done by summer. Bucks and Fiserv Forum Chief Communications Officer Barry Baum said in a news release that the removal of the roof structure went as planned, putting the organization a step closer to the complete demolition of the old structure.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding what plans for the site next to the newer building, the Milwaukee Bucks own it. The Bucks officials have said as soon as the demolition is complete inside the arena, they will start working on the inside of the facility.

Herb Pundsack, of Veit and Company, explained that the process was designed to separate the roof from the rest of the structure so the interior demolition can get finished. He said the operation involved setting a couple of shape charges up in the building so it would lower the trusses down to a lower, safer level.

That put the interior lower, so the workers aren’t hanging 100 feet above the ground trying to demolish roof structure. Interior demolition is continuing right away, according to reports.

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