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Smart Pavement

Using smart pavement

Smart pavement is now being tested and some experts believe it will be used in the real world in the near future. These are often referred to as “smart roads.” These roads are installed by connecting prefabricated blocks together. Each block has sensors and those sensors detect vehicle traffic. Those sensors can also interact with control centers and emergency command centers as well.

The heavy concrete panels contain sensors that also allow for the charging of electric vehicles. They also can produce fiber optics, and provide fast wireless data communications for autonomous vehicles. They have been proven as sturdy and reliable, able to withstand the repeated traffic of vehicles.

Smart Pavement Software

The panels can be upgraded as far as software goes, so they can work with municipalities regarding traffic control and traffic signal operation. EV charging while on roadways will be similar to the wireless charging of cell phones, according to the product developers at Integrated Roadways.

Construction crews may be looking to install smart pavement in the future, so watch the news for updates about smart road projects. The blocks can be installed in downtown areas and can be used in smaller segments or in larger sections depending on the need and the location.

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