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Winter Weather Safety

Winter weather safety

Wind chill index

For those working outside, knowing the weather forecast is important. Also, having the proper gear for all seasons is essential to the health and safety of construction workers. But in the winter months, temperatures can be misleading. This is a closer look at how the wind chill index can come into play.

Low temperatures and cold weather should be of enough concern, but when the wind is factored in, it can often feel much colder. Wind gusts of 20 miles per hour can make 10 degrees feel like it is 9 below, so you need to be prepared for what the wind blows your way.

When there is wind present along with the colder temperatures, the National Weather Service will issue wind chill advisories or wind chill warnings. That is to alert individuals of the dangers present while outside in frigid conditions.

Tips for working in frigid conditions:

  • Stay alert and watch for hazards
  • Be attentive to coworkers and notice if they are experiencing difficulty
  • Take breaks regularly, and find a warm place to spend a few minutes
  • Sometimes it turns cold fast, so make sure you take the time for your body to acclimate to the weather conditions and temperatures
  • If you have the ability to avoid working in the most extreme conditions, take the day off
  • Drink warm beverages, such as coffee or hot tea, to help keep your body temperature up
  • Layer up because wet clothing can harm your body

By making sure you are ready for what the winter weather throws your way, you can reduce the risk of physical harm to yourself or your crew.

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