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Does Your Crew Need More Training?

Many times, an employer would love to provide specialized training but lacks the financial ability to do it. When your crew lack training, there’s more chance for safety violations and accidents. More violations and accidents cost more than money. They cost time and valuable employees, too. It’s like a downward spiral that has to stop.

There’s a program in every state of the country called the Incumbent Worker Training Program. It’s funded by the Workforce Investment Act and provides grants to eligible employers so they can give full-time permanent employees upgraded skills training. The amount varies from state to state because the state determines how the grant funding is allocated, but it can run to $200,000 per employer and an annual range of $4-5 million statewide.

Associated Training Services is qualified to provide training for the Incumbent Worker Training Program, and there could be funding available for your crew to get the specialized training they need to keep your business safe, productive, and profitable.

General Eligibility Guidelines For Funding

In general, to be eligible for incumbent worker training funds:

  • The employer must be a private sector. Public and government entities are not eligible.
  • Partner with a training provider, which may be public, private non-profit, or private-for-profit educational entities, faith-based or community-based organizations.
  • Be actively involved in the planning and design of the customized training project for your crew.
  • Sign an agreement outlining each entity‚Äôs roles and responsibilities in the training project, including reporting requirements related to trainee participation.
  • Provide equal opportunity employment documentation as well as information on the occupations for training, employment benefits, wages and social security numbers for trainees.
  • Ensure trainee information can be reported one year after project completion.

Construction Crew Training

Since ATS is a training provider, we can help you determine if your workforce crew would qualify for financial help. If you do, your workforce can get the training they need and you can focus on running your business effectively and safely.

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