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Which Is The Easiest Truck To Drive?

What’s the hardest truck to drive? Long distance semi-trailer drivers spend long hours behind the wheel whilst a local dump truck drivers could be getting in and out of the cab a dozen or more times a day. Are bigger trucks, then, technically harder to drive? Again, there is not a simple answer to this question. In most cases, a larger truck does involve more skills, however, don’t elect for a small truck because it sounds easier – some smaller trucks are technically harder to drive.

Like all professions, each type of truck has its own idiosyncrasies and levels of difficulty. There are some trucks that have large gear boxes – sometimes as many as 16 gears. There are other trucks that have nothing more than a straight-forward gearbox and drive more like a large van. Each type of truck has its own skill requirements, so it’s almost impossible to state that one truck is more difficult to drive than another.

Trucks carry different types of loads. For example, tankers, which generally carry liquids, require special skills to handle the movement of that liquid in the tanker. Flat bed trailers are often used to transport heavy equipment, and most drivers are expected to load and unload that heavy equipment – a different set of skills altogether. Drivers who transport large loads need to be aware of low bridges whilst those that transport wider loads may require special escorts to clear the way ahead. They often drive late at night to avoid heavy traffic.

When undertaking truck driver training, you need to select a school that can prepare you for the type of truck you intend driving. In most cases, you are expected to undertake your practical driving test (for your commercial drivers license) in a vehicle similar to that you intend driving. There are many skills that are common to all trucks, and the road rules and regulations are very similar for each truck type. You select your career path then undertake truck driver training to suit that career path.

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