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The Steps Required To Obtain A Commercial Drivers License

Obtaining a Commercial Drivers License is not difficult. Many people can obtain their license inside of four weeks; for most people, a six to seven week period is the norm. If you have the time at home, you can get a hold of your state’s Commercial Drivers License handbook and study it cover to cover before taking your written tests. This can help to reduce the time period a little. For most people, the following are the general steps required, although you don’t necessarily need to complete them in this order.

    1 – Check the requirements for a Commercial Drivers License in your state and determine if you are eligible.
    2 – Find a truck driver training school that offers a complete service. This should include obtaining your permit, both classroom and hands-on training, assistance (including access to a truck) to complete the skills test, and assistance in obtaining employment post training.
    3 – Learn the rules and regulations related to truck driving and any endorsements that you may seek for your drivers license.
    4 – Obtain a truck driving permit. This is obtained after passing the knowledge tests in your state and allows you drive a truck (under supervision) on public roads.
    5 – Undertake skills-based training to learn how to drive a truck. This should include reversing, public road driving (in traffic), and associated skills such as pre-trip inspections and coupling/un-coupling of trailers.
    6 – Complete the skills component required to obtain a Commercial Drivers License.
    7 – Undertake a medical assessment that confirms you are medically fit to drive a truck. This will include eye tests and a review of your current and previous health status.
    8 – Receive your Commercial Drivers License – congratulations if you make it this far, you should now be ready for employment as a truck driver.

Naturally, there will be forms that need to be completed for some of these steps. A good quality truck driver training school will help you through every one of those steps, ensuring the process is as easy and as quick as possible. At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training Schools, we do as much as possible for you, including helping you to find employment once you have your Commercial Drivers License.

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