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A Commercial Drivers License Can Take You A Long Way

No pun intended here when I say a commercial drivers license can take you a long way. Obviously, behind the wheel of a truck, you can go a ‘long way’. However, that’s not my meaning in today’s post. Rather, a commercial drivers license can be the start of a long career that has a wide range of opportunities. There are many truck drivers who are still in the industry, yet they are no longer ‘truck drivers’.

Almost every trucking company in the country was started by a truck driver. These are drivers who saw opportunities to buy their own trucks, and over time add more trucks to their fleet. Eventually they have so many trucks that, rather than driving for a living, they need to spend their time managing the fleet – and the work contracts that keeps the cash flowing in.

Owning your own business is not everyone’s dream of course, and there are other opportunities to be found in the industry. Large trucking companies rely on a team of individuals who plan loads and routes and who then allocate these loads to drivers. Logistics requires a lot of skill, and former truck drivers often excel in this area of transportation. Truck driving can also open the door to further training in fields such as mechanics and engineering.

It only takes a few weeks of truck driver training to gain the skills necessary to gain a commercial drivers license (CDL). With a CDL in hand, you can commence work as a truck driver gaining experience, perhaps seeing the country, and certainly gaining new friends – not to mention the skills and lucrative income. From there, you can control your future using your experience and skills to gain entry to many other transport-related careers. A CDL will take you a long way – both on the highway and in life.

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