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Experience vs Training School

Sometimes a person who has grown up with experience around heavy equipment or been able to learn how to operate heavy equipment on the job asks why they’d need to go to a place like ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School at all. The question is valid, and the answer is clear:

ATS Training School plus Experience is better than Experience with no Training Certifications.

Employers look for operators who have been certified in accredited programs by professional instructors. Not only does this give them the assurance that there’s no gaps in training, it also satisfies state and federal regulations. You can be an expert at operating a particular type of heavy equipment and lose the job to a recent graduate of a good training school who has the basics. That graduate will very quickly learn on the job, and the legal requirements are satisfied.

So what should you do if you know how to operate all the stuff but lack the credentials that get you hired? Get those credentials at ATS. Classes start every three weeks and run year-round so you can work it into your schedule easily. Your experience will help a great deal because you have a working frame of reference to put all the information into. The instructors can help you get ready for the tests, you ace the tests because you know the stuff, and you graduate with the ATS advantage.

The ATS Advantage is a combination of respected training practices, assurance that your knowledge is current, and career help that continues as long as you need it. Add your experience to ATS and it’s no contest.

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