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Increase Your Usability With More Training

I was speaking to a young man who recently accquired more training and hired at a company that has three branches of operations. I asked him what he’d be doing, and he told me he’d be working in the construction branch. I asked what he was certified in, and he said something interesting:

“I plan on getting as many certifications as I can because it will increase my usability. I want to be able to switch to other jobs in the company, even into one of the other branches when work is slow. I figure if I am able to receive more training any type of their heavy equipment, they will see me as essential and I won’t get laid off.”

I said that sounded like a good idea, and he modestly admitted it was advice from his brother-in-law. It is sound advice, too, because the more usable an employee is, particular in heavy equipment operating jobs, the easier it is to keep them around because they are able to fill so many positions when needed.

Associated Training Services provides the type of training that young man is interested in, because you learn to operate all kinds of heavy equipment when enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Operations Programs. You get a real grounding in the essentials of the industry and a clear understanding of the differences in the types of heavy equipment used today. The skills are carefully taught and you get practice in seat-of-the-pants operating so you are graduating as that “usable” type of employee who is seen as essential.

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