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Did You Have Childhood Ambitions To Operate Heavy Equipment?

Operating heavy equipment is the dream of many children, yet there is only a small percentage of the adult workforce who actually go to the trouble of training to become an operator. It was a satisfying play toy as a child, and for many, it’s a very satisfying career – the dreams of their childhood being fully realized. Whilst the thought of training may seem daunting, it shouldn’t. It doesn’t take months to learn to be a heavy equipment operator – it takes weeks, and only a few of them as well.

So what can you expect from a career as a heavy equipment operator apart from realizing your dreams? Operators nominate the following as some of the key benefits:

  • Secure employment – even when times are tough, heavy equipment operators remain in demand, especially when governments decide to boost the economy by building roads and bridges. Of course, when times are good, the construction industry booms and so there’s never enough heavy equipment operators to go around.
  • Great salary and benefits – compared to many other professions, heavy equipment operators are very well paid, and they receive a wide range of benefits, including pension schemes, health and disability insurance, and ongoing training.
  • Sense of achievement – there’s nothing more satisfying than to drive on a road, cross a bridge, or travel past a building that you have helped construct.
  • Not physically demanding – and this has opened the door to operators from all walks of life, including women. You don’t have to be a rough and tough male to work as a heavy equipment operator, even those with slight builds succeed.
  • Short training period – it only takes three weeks to learn the skills and knowledge to start a career as a heavy equipment operator. Compare that time period and the benefits already listed to many other careers and heavy equipment operations comes out on top.

If you’re looking for a career that’s challenging, exciting and well paid, then talk to one of the experts at Associated Training Services (ATS). They can help you take the first steps to achieving that goal, and once you have taken those steps, continue to help you until you are working happily as a heavy equipment operator.

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