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The Down Side To Being A Loader Operator

Every job has its good points and its bad points and for loader operators it’s no different. One of the downsides to living on a continent like the North America is the unpredictable nature of the weather. Whether it’s tornadoes, hurricanes or wild fires, they all leave devastation in their wake and someone has to clean up after them.

In many cases, the devastation is complete. Homes, schools and buildings in general are either totally destroyed or damaged to the point that repair is impossible. In these situations, bulldozers often come in and literally clear the area – the scrape it clean. The problem with bulldozers is that they are limited in what they can do. They can clear all areas, but effectively all they are doing is pushing everything into piles. It is the loader operators that have to come in and load everything into dump trucks ready to carted away.

It can be a tough job at times. You are clearing away people’s lives. There are treasures that cannot be reclaimed – photos, mementos, furniture, along with the buildings themselves – what were once people’s homes. Like I said, it’s a tough job. But someone has to do it and work is work. If you don’t do it, someone else will.

We can train you to be an effective loader operator; we can provide you with all the skills required for the position. What we can’t do is teach you how to mentally handle this type of work. Some people just switch off and treat it like every other job; for others, their heart goes into every load, particularly if they are from that community. There is one upside to this – no matter how much destruction there is, people will always stand up and start again. Before long, the site you are about to clear will once again have a home standing there.

People will pick up their lives and move on. So while the job may have a downside, in reality, if you’re not there to do it, people can’t move on and start again. Bulldozer and loader operators are our society’s first steps to rebuilding lives. So when looking at a site that has suffered some calamity, look on the bright side – your there to help rebuild lives!

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