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Loader Operators Hitting The Beaches

With oil slicks threatening the beaches in the south there is a good chance that loader operators will be called in to help alleviate some of the problems. One of the easiest ways to handle polluted beaches is to simply move the affected areas away for decontamination. Doing it in situ can be difficult, especially if harsh chemicals are required to clean the pollutant.

Loader operators can often be found on beaches after huge storms, working to either replace or reposition sand that has been affected by the storms. In some areas, wild storms have been known to strip beaches of the sand while at other times to bring in tons of sand. With the summer rapidly approaching, our beaches are one the strongest drawcards when it comes to tourism – having them fit for swimmers and surfers is a must.

Operating a loader on a beach can be tricky with the sand often moving beneath the loader’s wheels. Some of the smaller loaders are ideal for this work as their weight doesn’t cause any difficulties, or do any further damage. Operators that are skilled at working in sandy conditions are always in demand when these events occur.

Becoming a loader operator is actually a fairly simple task. Heavy equipment often overwhelms people, yet if they could see how simple some of this equipment was to operate, they would be surprised. Loaders are certainly not complicated machinery and most individuals can become proficient in a range of heavy equipment in as little as three weeks. Contact us for more information on loaders and heavy equipment training – your first step to a heavy equipment career starts with a good training program and that’s where we can help.

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