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How RVs Can Make a Work Camp Feel Like Home

Most heavy equipment jobs require some degree of travel. For most, regardless of the accommodations, hotels and restaurant food; living out of a duffel bag gets old. When you are putting in long hours on a job, a clean bed with easy access to food and bathroom facilities makes the work much more enjoyable. Living conditions can create relaxing or miserable work conditions, especially in the more remote areas. Fortunately, RVs can provide a great way to make a work camp feel like home. Here are some of those ways.

The Comforts of Home

Unlike a hotel room or other nightly accommodations, an RV allows a lot more comfortable. Not only do you have your own bathroom facilities, but you can also bring easily bring and make your favorite foods and entertainment. There are many different types of RVs depending on what you want to live in, which makes them flexible for any setting. From self-contained, individual trailers, to large bunkhouses with residential amenities, the options are endless. Many crews find RV living incorporates well with the demands of the job.

The interior floor plans are also greatly variable. For those who enjoy cooking, there are full-scale kitchens with a microwave, stove, oven, and full-sized fridge so any meal is possible, regardless of where you end up for the night. Or if you want higher-end entertainment facilities, a full walk-in shower, or separate bedroom spaces, there are RV floor plans that can accommodate those needs. This can go a long way toward making the RV ideal accommodation for work camp positions.

One big feature of many RVs to provide a more home-like feeling is a washer and dryer. Being away from home for extended periods will inevitably result in the accumulation of laundry. While laundromats are common and hotels often have washing facilities, having the capability to do it in the RV can make a huge difference.

Efficiency and Consistency

For both workers and employers, having an efficient and consistent work camp makes a huge difference on the job. Since, RVs can be easily modified, adapted, and decorated to suit your needs, they make an easy to set up a work community wherever they are needed. If a worker owns the RV, they can do whatever modifications necessary to make it homier. Many employers are choosing RVs as an investment in comfort and convenience. The great part is it all comes with you when you need to move to another location.

Another alternative is to rent an RV at the location the work is taking place. This is efficient because you save travel costs and maintenance and repairs that are involved with RV ownership. So, you can set up a temporary work camp and return the RVs when everything is done.

Having a consistent home base makes for a pleasant and enjoyable community feel to a work camp, which is hard to match.

Safety and Security With RVs

Being able to choose where to set up a mobile work camp can have a big effect on how comfortable it feels. Places to park can vary greatly by location and can range from basic remote locations with no amenities to high-end resorts with pools, spas, and other fancy features. Often it works better to set up somewhere remote, or right at the job site. This can allow you to tailor the overall experience to your needs. This also serves dual purposes for safety and security. Sometimes, depending on the job, leaving your personal belongings for the day can be risky, in the same way, thefts from unsupervised work sites are also common, combining the two into one location minimizes the risk and simplifies the process.

This way everyone starts the day, refreshed from a comfortable night’s sleep with their favorite breakfast on hand. And they can end the day, by firing up the BBQ and enjoying what is left of the evening. For the purpose of setting up a work camp, RVs are a great way to make the experience homier and more comfortable for everyone.

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