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Spring Floods

Spring Flooding Will Lead to Roadway Repairs

Spring flooding has been harsh already this year, with several inches of rain hitting much of the U.S. and Canada. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), about two-thirds of the lower 48 states are facing a higher risk of flooding throughout the month of May. There is a potential risk for moderate to major flooding in 25 states, according to the spring outlook issued by NOAA in late March.

Most of the U.S. is facing precipitation in higher amounts than usual this spring, which is leading to a higher than usual risk for floods. Portions of the U.S. – specifically those in the upper Mississippi and Missouri River basins including the states of Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota – have seen record flooding already in 2019. The rapidly melting snow, combined with late-season snowfalls and heavy early spring rains in areas where moisture is high has led to major flooding issues.

Damages From Flood Waters

Drivers should never attempt to maneuver their vehicles through the high flood waters. You don’t know what lies under the water or how deep the water is in the roadway. Sometimes, landslides or water will take out the pavement underneath or cause deep sinkholes or damaging potholes. The highway crews will be out in full force, repairing potholes, fixing sinkholes, fixing bridge damage, and taking care of drainage issues that might result from the spring flooding.

News outlets have reported that there are millions of dollars in flood damage to the roadways already this spring. Those who don’t have flood insurance are urged to consider purchasing a policy. Most homeowners’ policies don’t cover flood damage. The National Flood Insurance Program reports that the average cost of one inch of flooding in a home is about $27,000 in repairs.

What Lies Ahead

If the rest of the year is like this year started out, then there will be a lot of roadwork needed the rest of the year. Construction crews that are experienced in assessing and repairing flood damage will be in demand.

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