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Operate 7 Types of Equipment

If you want a long-lasting career that pays well, try heavy equipment operations. You can learn to operate virtually any type of heavy equipment in use today on construction sites all around the world. The most popular and rewarding type of heavy equipment can be learned in one course. Here are 7 types of heavy equipment you can learn in one training class at Associated Training Services:

    1. Backhoes – A backhoe is used for excavation. It consists of a bucket on the back end of an articulating boom. You’ll often see them on construction sites and are used for digging ditches and trenches. If you want bigger holes, use an excavator.
    2. Wheel loaders – Wheel loaders are large pieces of equipment with bigger buckets than backhoes and are used to carry material from one end of the construction site to another. They are close cousins to front-end loaders.
    3. Bulldozers – The bulldozer is the workhorse of the construction site. It consists of a large blade and is used for pushing dirt, soil, sand, rock, rubble, and other debris around the worksite. When you just want it out of the way, use a bulldozer.
    4. Excavators – When you really need a big hole dug, use an excavator. See how an excavator compares with a backhoe in the video below.

  1. Road graders – A road grader has a long blade on it and is used to flatten surfaces, such as gravel roads and construction sites.
  2. Dump trucks – When you have a lot of dirt, soil, rock, and other substances to move, use a dump truck.
  3. Skid steers – A skid steer, also called a skid steer loader, is a small piece of equipment that allows you to add different attachments to the front for hauling, moving, and lifting things. Watch this fun video of a skid steer in action.

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  1. This is some great information on heavy equipment! I appreciate you mentioning skid steers and how you can add different attachments to them for any task. I have been thinking about buying one to help with the snow and ice buildup around my house over winter.

  2. Informative article. It’s almost winter and my boyfriend is planning on buying a skid steer. It’s nice to know that you can have different attachments to it for a different use. Thanks for sharing!

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