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Trained Heavy Equipment Operators

Trained Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators are all around you, earning good money in stable careers. A few of those operators learned on the job, but there are gaps in their knowledge because they didn’t actually go through professional training. Selecting a nationally-known school like ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Programs gives you the advantage of superior safety, increased versatility, and enhanced hiring ability.

Superior Safety

The classes and materials at ATS are developed by the industry with the goal of producing operators who can do the job. Construction, earthmoving, and other heavy equipment jobs are dangerous but necessary. The job won’t get done when people are getting hurt, so it is in a company’s best interest to have workers operate in safe conditions. Professional training includes both classroom instruction and being at the controls of a variety of heavy equipment so the student is fully prepared for the job.

Increased Versatility

When you know how to operate more types of heavy equipment, you have increased versatility on the job. A site may need someone who can use a backhoe or a wheel loader. Often there are excavators, bulldozers, or graders. Being able to run these along with skid steers or all-terrain forklifts means they don’t need to hire somebody else to do it. Since grade reading, laser levels, soils, site layouts, and heavy equipment maintenance are also taught, graduates of ATS are versatile professionals able to do more than just one thing, and that increased versatility means enhanced hire ability.

Enhanced Hireability

Employers look for professionally trained heavy equipment operators because they want to profit in their business. Hiring a heavy equipment operator who only knows how to operate one type of machine and doesn’t know how to do that safely is like asking for costly accidents on the job. ATS graduates are sought after because they have the skills and knowledge employers need.

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