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What Does National Heavy Equipment Certification Really Mean?

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are all accredited by the National Center for Construction Education Research otherwise known as the NCCER. In today’s world, there are several areas in training that both students and employers need. These include standardization of training and portability and the two go hand in hand.

Standardization is fairly straightforward. The skills you learn training to operate heavy equipment in Florida should be the same set of skills you would learn if you were training in Texas, New England or any other state. Obviously, if everyone is trained to the same set of standards, it doesn’t matter where you did your training, your skills would still be recognized – that’s portability. You can work in any state and your training and skills are recognized.

Many years ago, if you were trained in one state the chances were those skills were not recognized in the next state, even though the border was only a mile away. To work in both states, you had to undertake training in both states. A little ridiculous really so industry has established minimum standards that all graduating students should achieve.

Because we are accredited through NCCER, our students can be Nationally Certified by NCCER and receive certifications and credentials from NCCER. Details of their accomplishment is recorded on a national registry. This reinforces the portability aspect of nationally accredited training.

ATS has been accredited for many years. In fact, we are one of the leaders when it comes to accredited heavy equipment training. We have a proud tradition of producing quality graduates, graduates that employers are often keen to hire. If you’re considering a career in heavy equipment, first ensure your training provider as national accreditation for their training programs. If you have any doubts, call us, we have training centers in over ten locations around the country. What does national heavy equipment certification really mean? Peace of mind for students, graduates and employers and the knowledge that training has been delivered to very specific standards.

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