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What Do Others Say About Our Heavy Equipment Training Schools

Our heavy equipment training schools strive to deliver training that is both industry relevant and at the same time compliant with national standards. To achieve this we designed our training programs inline with those established by the various national bodies. This enables us to seek accreditation for the delivery of this training. As a student at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools, you know the training is industry approved and relevant to the work place. But how do you know?

The internet has brought a valuable resource to online shoppers in the form of product reviews. Recent research is showing that many online shoppers are first referring to product reviews before making a purchasing decision. I assume you are reading this post because you have some interest in the field of heavy equipment as a possible career choice. Our training is a product and many of our graduates have, over time, contacted us to leave very positive feedback about their time with us. Take Jim from Minnesota as an example. He writes in part:

…..My employment started one month after graduation and would have never been considered without the certification I received from ATS. The knowledge I received from their down-to-earth instructors has proven to be invaluable. Attending ATS has been the single most important event of my life….

In fact, we have interviewed many of our former students to gain some form of feedback related to our training programs. You can view these videos on our student feedback pages. Do we get negative feedback? After more than 25 years providing training to heavy equipment operators and truck drivers, of course we do – but it’s very rare and when we do we look closely at the issue to see what changes need to be made.

If you are considering a career as a heavy equipment operator, check on what sort of feedback is being left by former students – if any. Heavy equipment training schools are there to provide training for those seeking employment as heavy equipment operators – be sure your training organization is providing training that employers are looking for. Otherwise, you could be wasting your time and money. See what our former students have to say before making any firm decisions.

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