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Multi-Skilled Heavy Equipment Operators In Demand

If you want a successful career as a heavy equipment operator, then I suggest you steer clear of being a one act pony. Employers are increasingly looking for heavy equipment operators who are multi-skilled. It’s not just across the heavy equipment range either. Employers are looking for operators who can drive trucks and on occasion operate cranes. The question becomes now – are you a multi-skilled heavy equipment operator, multi-skilled truck driver, or multi-skilled crane operator?

You may think I am being pedantic in those titles, however, your description will depend on what your primary job is. The job listings from last weekend included vacancies for multi-skilled crane operators, and multi-skilled heavy equipment operators. The demand is there, and if you have a range of skills, then you are going to be more employable.

For most people who are just entering the heavy equipment industry, learning to operate a variety of machinery is a must. Whilst you may have a preference for one type, don’t just focus on that one type. By all means seek a career operating your choice of equipment, however, if given the opportunity, keep your skills up on as many different machines as possible. Demand for heavy equipment operators runs in cycles – one month there will be a demand for bulldozer operators, next month it could be excavators, or grader operators, you need to be prepared for all opportunities that come your way.

The training program at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training Schools is to provide access to a wide range of machinery. As a student, you will have the opportunity to learn how to operate these machines and to gain valuable practical time in the operator’s seat. At a later date it may be advisable to look at either truck driving (obtaining a CDL) or crane operator certification (or both) – this will expand your employment opportunities and perhaps even your paycheck.

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