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What Are Road Graders?

What are Road Graders?

A heavy equipment operator can be many things, and their workday very different, depending on what kind of machine it is they are working with. One such machine is the road grader, which is also known as a motor grader, and its job is to create a smooth, flat surface. It does this using a centrally mounted blade that sits…

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GPS Guidance For Heavy Equipment

GPS guidance for heavy equipment

Advances in technology happen in almost every aspect of our lives today, it is no surprise that for heavy machinery operators there have been several in the last decade or so. One such advance, GPS location technology, first appeared in dozers and motor graders, and quickly became an integral part of the day-to-day operation of those machines. By combining that…

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Machines Of Every Size

Machines of every size

Working as a heavy machine operator is a varied career, every new site or project is different, not just in surroundings, but the machines that you can be operating. When we think about the different machines that are found in today’s industry, there are huge differences in size and ability, but what do they all do? Skid Steers Although they…

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Making The Grade As A Grader Operator

One of the essential pieces of heavy equipment in most municipalities is a motor-grader. The grader has a long blade that is dragged along the surface of a gravel road to keep it level. It also becomes a snow plow in the winter in some cases. This process is necessary in any area that has need for roads to be…

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Thinking Of Perfection? Think Of A Grader

Finish graders apply the finicky final touches to a surface to get it perfect. That smooth runway and carefully cambered road is due to the skill of an experienced finish grader. The bulldozer started the job, but the grader will finish it and get it ready for asphalt or whatever comes next. It's an important step in the construction process…

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Where To Find A Grader Job

Graders come in handy in a lot of ways. They are those big machines with a blade on the front that are often used to level roads and other areas so that they aren't so rough and bumpy. I've seen farmers use them to grade their gravel lanes so that getting in and out of the farm isn't so difficult…

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