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Rural Communities Reliant On Heavy Equipment Operators

When we discuss heavy equipment operator careers, the primary focus is on construction. Mining is another industry that relies heavily on equipment operators. Rural communities are also reliant on heavy equipment operators, however, their needs are more for operators who are multi-skilled. This includes being able to operate bulldozers, loaders, excavators and backhoes. It also helps to have a commercial drivers license.

Rural communities are farming communities, and whilst farms frequently have a need for heavy equipment, it is the townships themselves that are most reliant. Heavy equipment operators are generally required to deal with snow and ice in winter, road repairs all year round, general construction, and in many areas, reclaiming land and restoring it to its former natural state.

Working in a rural community has a lot of benefits. You’re certainly not going to be bored since every day tends to bring a different job with a different type of equipment. Rural communities are generally smaller and closer knit compared to large town and cities where most people don’t know each other at all. The down side to a close knit community is that you may find people asking for ‘favors’ – the odd job after hours or on weekends.

If you’re looking for a heavy equipment career that is a little different, is as much a lifestyle as it is a career, then consider becoming a heavy equipment operator in a rural community. You’ll need heavy equipment training on a range of vehicles, and a commercial drivers license. You’ll also need commitment, and a friendly and sociable outlook on life. Bring those traits together and those rural communities will welcome you with open arms.

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