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Applying For Heavy Equipment Job Vacancies

When applying for any job vacancy, the main aim of your application is to get to the interview stage. This is generally a face-to-face interview, however, interstate job applications may go through a telephone interview initially. So why do so many heavy equipment job applications fail? In most cases, it’s because the applicant got the basics wrong. So how should you apply for a heavy equipment job vacancy?

It all starts with the employer’s job ad – read it thoroughly since most job ads tell you exactly what an employer is looking for. Pay particular attention to the following:

Method of application – employers are busy. They are managing a business, equipment and employees so they can only devote so much time to vetting potential recruits. An employer will list their preferred method of application because it suits their busy schedule. If the job ad requests written applications through snail mail, then use that method. If it’s an online application, or email application, then use that method. Don’t just rock up to a workplace because you know they have a vacancy, chances are you’ll be turned away.

Experience – if a job ad asks for five years experience and you are new to heavy equipment operations, your application won’t make it through the first read. Most job ads don’t ask for experience – target them first.

Equipment type – if an employer asks for a grader operator and you prefer bulldozers, if your experience is in bulldozers, you may find your application is rejected fairly quickly. Apply for job vacancies that suit your experience.

Your job application needs to prove to a potential employer that you are a good fit for the job. This will lead to an interview where that perception can be proven. Don’t lie on your application, don’t pretend to be what you’re not – the interview process will soon demonstrate that, and you’ll look the fool. If your application is impressive, and you interview well, you may not land that particular job, however, your name may well stick in their mind for the next vacancy.

If you really want a particular job, then read that job ad carefully, then submit an application that answers the employer’s requirements. Get that right and you’ll get the chance to prove yourself in an interview. Get those basics wrong and your application will end up in the waste bin and you’ll become more disheartened and frustrated. These tips hold true for any job vacancy including heavy equipment operations, truck driving, and crane operations.

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