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Free Heavy Equipment Workshop

A Graduation Present From ATS WHEN: Friday, June 16TH & Saturday, June 17H TIMES: 8:00 AM TO 4:00 PM WHERE: 7132 Elder Lane, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin WHAT: Free classroom and field training on skid loaders and backhoes. Student Requirements: Must be at least 16 years of age Must meet basic enrollment requirements (I.E. physical requirements) Students under 18 years old…

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Discover The Construction Industry

Some of us don’t think much about it, until they start to build a new building near our home or work.  Then, we usually just complain about how the construction affects traffic and slows everything down. But stop to think about it: what would life be without construction; without heavy equipment? Before heavy equipment, everything was done by hand. Picks…

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Exciting New Job Opportunities!!

Have you ever considered a career in the construction industry? Becoming a CDL truck driver, heavy equipment operator or mobile crane operator can open up exciting new job opportunities. Here are some companies that have recently hired our graduates: Amherst, WI hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers. Murray, KY hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers. Houston, TX hiring heavy equipment operators. Oconto, WI hiring…

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Heavy Equipment Job Leads, March 11 2017

Are you an experienced truck driver? Are you interested in or have you ever considered a career as a truck driver? Becoming a truck driver or heavy equipment operator can open up exciting new job opportunities that span across the country. In fact, the following companies are looking for new and experienced truck drivers and crane operators who currently hold…

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5 Ways to Use a Digger Derrick

While driving down a highway or interstate, have you ever wondered how telephone poles or large electrical poles get there? How about when passing road work and seeing a large truck drilling in the ground? The truck is known as a Digger Derrick. A Digger Derrick is a large, crane-like truck with an attachment called an auger. The auger looks…

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Heavy Equipment Job Leads, February 4, 2017

Are you an experienced truck driver or interested in truck driving? Employers in the following cities and locations are looking for drivers with a Class-A CDL drivers license: HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL - HIRING CLASS-A CDL TRUCK DRIVERS. SHEBOYGAN, WI - HIRING HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS WITH CLASS-A CDL. MORGAN, MN - HIRING CLASS-A CDL TRUCK DRIVERS. ROCKLAND, ME - HIRING CLASS-A CDL TRUCK…

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