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What Are Scrapers?

What are scrapers?

Scrapers On any construction site you will see a wide variety of heavy equipment, and one of the largest are scrapers. While some machines you see on sites, such as bulldozers and backhoes tell you just what they are designed to do by their appearance, the scraper, with its upfront cab pulling a large wagon, doesn’t give anything away. Within…

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Infrastructure – Building For The Future

Infrastructure – Building for the future

One of the few things politicians of all persuasions agree on is that the country needs investment in its infrastructure to ensure that we have the systems in place to take us into the future. While they argue about how much and so on, for the construction industry as the plan for infrastructure takes shape, it is having a dramatic…

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Vocational Schools Have More To Offer

Vocational Schools have more to offer

For many years, it has seemed like for many people, the only way to succeed was with a college degree, and of course the huge debt that goes with it. But while this has become accepted as the only route to a valued career, vocational schools have been helping people acquire the job specific skills they need to launch a…

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The Importance Of Riggers

The importance of Riggers

In any construction site, no matter what crane is being used, from the smallest loader crane to the largest tower crane, there is a certain amount of danger once a load is off the ground. Safety is a crucial aspect of any crane operation, and riggers are central to that safety, with the crane operator making up a team that…

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What Are Road Graders?

What are Road Graders?

A heavy equipment operator can be many things, and their workday very different, depending on what kind of machine it is they are working with. One such machine is the road grader, which is also known as a motor grader, and its job is to create a smooth, flat surface. It does this using a centrally mounted blade that sits…

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Having The Right Clothes For The Site

Having the right clothes for the site

Every course we teach includes a section that refers to safety on site, and it is something that is incredibly important for every heavy equipment operator, every day. However, part of that dedication to safety includes the clothes we wear, but what do you need to look out for to get the right safety clothing when on site? Boots Having…

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