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Why OSHA Is Important

OSHA is a U.S. federal government agency that is responsible for ensuring workplace safety across many industries. It's an acronym that stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Riggers and signalpersons are certified by OSHA because they are important people on the heavy equipment work site. By ensuring that only well-qualified and well-trained personnel are operating in this critical work…

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What A Heavy Equipment Rigger Does

Riggers are some of the most important people on the heavy equipment or construction site. Their job is to ensure safety and to maneuver equipment using ropes, chains, and hoists from one location or position to another. A rigger may be called to pull a bulldozer out of a ditch or a crane out of a body of water after…

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What Makes A Rigger ‘Qualified’?

How do you know if a rigger is qualified to perform a certain task? Just because a rigger has been to training school, does that make him qualified? What if a rigger has 20 years experience on the work site - can he then perform any type of rigging job? According to OSHA, a rigger is qualified to perform a…

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What Is A Heavy Equipment Rigger?

On construction sites and other industrial work locations where large heavy machines are used, someone has to set that equipment up so that operators can use it. The operators generally don't set up their own equipment. There are specialists who do that for them prior to the work assignment. These specialists are called riggers. Riggers also come along behind the…

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OSHA-Compliant Rigging Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has its regulation for the delivery of rigging and signalperson training, as well as the certification of riggers and signalpersons. Associated Training Services does not set those standards, but we must comply with them. As a matter of course, ATS training programs exceed OSHA requirements. That includes the rigging certification course we offer.…

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Do You Know The OSHA Standards For Riggers And Signalpersons

The world of construction is constantly changing, especially when it comes to legislative requirements. It seems that every year there is a new set of requirements and, in recent years, these changes have had significant effects on crane operators and riggers/signal persons. Crane operators now need to be certified whilst riggers/signal persons need to have formal acknowledgement of their skills…

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