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Do Your Employees Meet The Minimum Rigger Requirements?

One of the more important jobs on a construction site is that of the rigger. A rigger does a lot of work that reduces the risk of injury to others working on that construction site. Riggers also work closely with crane operators to ensure the safe movement of materials by that crane. Because safety has become an important issue in all workplaces, steps were taken to ensure that all riggers meet a minimum standard of training and knowledge. To comply with these regulations, riggers are now required to complete a training program, or at least demonstrate their skills and knowledge and to be issued with a compliance card that verifies their skills and knowledge.

That is the very minimum requirement. Some employers look for a wider range of skills and knowledge, preferring to employ those who have become certified riggers. Certification is a longer, more in depth training program and is often the minimum requirement for those in positions of authority.

The ATS OSHA rigger training programs are designed to meet these minimum standards. You can either go through the certification program or opt for the shorter compliance card program, depending on your requirements. For employers, group training has many cost benefits, especially if undertaken in the workplace. Downtime is reduced, and all employees receive the same training – and that includes any modifications that may be required to suit your workplace.

If your employees do not meet the minimum requirements under OSHA regulations, then you can be fined. If someone is hurt or killed in a workplace incident and your workers don’t meet these regulations, then the cost could be much higher than a simple fine.

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