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Looking For Comprehensive And Professional Rigger/Signalperson Training?

There are times when ‘just good enough’ is not going to be good enough. Under current workplace regulations, all riggers and signalpersons require qualification. This is a basic standard that ensures workers follow the OSHA guidelines when working as either riggers or signalpersons.

After basic rigger training, your workers will receive a qualification compliance card. Whilst that means your workers meet OSHA guidelines, is it really enough for your workplace. Those who are in a leadership role generally need more in-depth training that covers a wider range of topics. Our qualification training program can be completed in as little as eight hours – our certification program requires at least 32 hours of training and assessment. Furthermore, on completion, graduates are issued both the NCCCO Rigging Level One and the NCCCO Signalperson Certification.

Our rigger/signalperson training program exceeds the OSHA qualification standards and prepares participants well for busy workplaces, especially as team leaders. The aims of both programs are to make workers more safety conscious, to increase their skills, and to increase their knowledge of rigging. For employers, we can offer training in our classrooms, or at your workplace, whichever is most convenient.

Associated Training Services (ATS) delivers training though highly trained and respected rigger and signal training instructors. ATS has almost fifty years of training experience in areas of heavy equipment operations, crane operations and truck driving. We have developed a good reputation for producing well-trained graduates – if you need to ensure your workers are OSHA-compliant, then talk to us – we can discuss your needs and organize training programs to fit in with your workers’ buys schedules.

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