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Do You Know The OSHA Standards For Riggers And Signalpersons

The world of construction is constantly changing, especially when it comes to legislative requirements. It seems that every year there is a new set of requirements and, in recent years, these changes have had significant effects on crane operators and riggers/signal persons. Crane operators now need to be certified whilst riggers/signal persons need to have formal acknowledgement of their skills and knowledge.

For riggers and signal persons, this is by undertaking either a qualification or certification program. The certification program is of a higher level and does take a little longer to complete. After completing this program you will be certified at Rigging Level One. If you complete the qualification program you will receive a qualification compliance card, the minimum standard for riggers and signal persons.

Employers have been encouraged to have their work crews trained and either qualified or certified in groups. At ATS, we deliver training to work groups, either in our training school or at an employer’s work place – whichever is best suited to individual employers. We can also design our rigger/signalpersons training to include workplace-specific skills whilst still covering the standards set by the relevant authorities.

If you are not either certified or qualified, then you shouldn’t now be working as either a rigger or signalperson. The onus is on employers to ensure that their workers meet all the requirements set down by OSHA – failure to do so can lead to huge fines. If you don’t meet these requirements, or you’re an employer who has workers who don’t meet these requirements, contact us to discuss the best training options available.

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