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OSHA-Compliant Rigging Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has its regulation for the delivery of rigging and signalperson training, as well as the certification of riggers and signalpersons. Associated Training Services does not set those OSHA-Compliant standards, but we must comply with them.

As a matter of course, ATS training programs exceed OSHA requirements. That includes the rigging certification course we offer.

There are actually two rigging and signalperson training programs at ATS. There is a qualification course, which trains people interested in the profession to become qualified riggers and/or signalpersons. When you graduate from this course you’ll be qualified to hold a job as a rigger.

The other course is a certification course. After graduating this course, you’ll be certified as a rigger/signalperson and can actually hold a position as either one in your state.

The ATS rigging and signalperson certification training program follow these standards:

  • Written exams match the in-class curriculum. In other words, what you train on is what you’ll be tested on.
  • Exceeds all OSHA requirements for training.
  • You’ll receive practical training assignments followed by practical exams.
  • You’ll receive 32-36 hours of rigging/signalperson training over the course of four days.
  • After you successfully complete the training you’ll be awarded certifications for NCCCO Rigging Level One and NCCCO Signalperson.

If you’re ready to enter the proud ranks of qualified and certified riggers, then ATS’s rigging/signalperson training program is for you.

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