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Rigging Job

Looking for Rigging Job

As of September 2009, there were 63,012 jobs in the oil and gas well drilling industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment in the Gulf Coast is most concentrated in several Louisiana parishes and Texas counties. In these…

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Crane Signalperson

Signalperson Safety is crucial on any site, and this is especially true where there are cranes in operation. When we think of cranes, it is the crane operator that is the job that comes to mind, but there are several…

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The importance of Riggers

In any construction site, no matter what crane is being used, from the smallest loader crane to the largest tower crane, there is a certain amount of danger once a load is off the ground. Safety is a crucial aspect…

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Hooks, Shackles, and Hitches

If you want to be a rigger, you'll have to learn two things: The language and the tools. Heavy Equipment School will teach you all about hooks, shackles, hitches and more. What Kind of Hooks Do You Need To Learn?…

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Nccco Certification

NCCCO Certification Is A Good Idea

Right now, all signalpersons and riggers must meet Federal OSHA standards by being qualified. The best way to accomplish this is by getting NCCCO certification through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators -- the NCCCO. Their Rigger-1…

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