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The Importance of a Good Rigger on the Jobsite

Riggers are important people on the heavy equipment job site. If you are working heavy construction, a good rigger can save your life.

Recently, I spoke to a gentleman who told me a story about an accident he had on scaffolding. It wasn’t high off the ground, but he did step onto a plank that wasn’t secured properly and immediately was thrown into the scaffolding uprights. He hurt himself a little bit. No broken bones or serious injury, but it did bruise him fairly well.

His mistake: He didn’t inspect the scaffolding a fellow worker put together for him. If he had, he’d have seen his fellow worker’s error.

Rigger’s Save Lives

I don’t know if these workers were certified. They weren’t involved in the heavy equipment industry. They were painting a house. But on a heavy equipment job site, the rigger is the person who puts all the equipment together and inspects it for safety. They are usually an expert in tying knots, rigging hitches, and performing other tasks in lifting and securing heavy objects. That’s why they are so important.

Associated Training Services (ATS) offers a rigging certification course to train your riggers in all aspects of keeping your work team safe.

OSHA regulations require riggers to be certified. By enrolling in this course, you’ll learn how to be a good rigger and get your certification, which means you’ll be legal and qualified. There aren’t many schools that offer a rigging course. ATS is one of them.

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  1. I thought it was super helpful when you pointed out the job of a rigger is to set up the equipment and make sure its safe to be used. I’ve heard of people getting injured on the job site due to malfunctioning equipment, whether broken or not put together right. I’m sure a lot of lives are save each year by having someone make sure equipment is set up and used properly.

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