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How to Become a World-Class Rigger

Who are world-class Riggers are important people on the work site? Often employed in shipping yards, loading docks, construction sites, industrial warehouses, transportation depots, and other places where extraordinarily large and heavy objects or machines need to be lifted and moved from one place to another, riggers are responsible for much of the movement of consumer goods in the world.

We’re not talking about moving a piano here. We’re talking about moving huge pallets of pianos, computers, or other goods all at once. Heavy stuff.

Typically, riggers operate the machinery, hoists, pulleys, and ropes–and are responsible for their safe “rigging”–that lift and move material that ways thousands or millions of pounds. Huge, heavy stuff.

World-Class Rigger Steps

If you want to be a rigger and enjoy a long career in industry, you’ll need to seek OSHA-compliant training. You won’t get hired by the best employers in the workplace if you aren’t trained by the best schools. So here’s how you become a world-class rigger.

  1. Sign up for rigger training at an approved heavy equipment school
  2. Complete and graduate from your rigger training
  3. Take the rigger certification exam
  4. Receive your qualification card

Once you’ve been trained and qualified as a rigger, you can then begin to seek employment. Associated Training Services will assist you in finding your first job as a world-class rigger. In fact, we’ll not only feed your job leads, but we’ll train you on the soft skills you need to land job interviews and ace them. You’ll be gainfully employed and upwardly mobile before you know it.

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  1. I love that you listed rigger training and certification as requirements for anyone looking to become a rigger. I imagine that encouraging anyone looking to break into this field to get proper training is the best way to prevent and reduce the number of work-place related injuries that occur in this type of job. I would think that anyone hiring a rigger could help as well by simply asking to see their qualification card.

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