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Rigging OSHA

Rigger, OSHA, and Mobile Crane Operations

One of the most important jobs on the construction work site is that of a rigger. The rigger is responsible for the safety of personnel working on the site, especially mobile crane operations. But they are subject to regulation and the regulatory authority for riggers is OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The Heavy Equipment School Rigging/Signalperson training program will prepare you to be a world-class rigger and pass all certification tests and safety requirements of OSHA. We have the best program in the industry.

So what makes it such a good training program? All of the below:

  • It meets and exceeds the OSHA qualification standards for rigger and signalperson training
  • You’ll receive written and practical training and testing on those standards
  • The qualification program offers 8 to 12 hours of instruction, depending on the number of students in class
  • The certification program offers a 4-day intensive of 32 to 36 hours, again depending on the number of students in the program
  • All graduating students will receive a qualification compliance card upon successful completion of the Rigger/Signalperson Qualification Program
  • Students graduating from the Rigger/Signalperson Certification Program will be certified by the National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators

Associated Training Services (ATS) offers several ways to take this training. You can come to us and be trained in our world-class facilities, or, if your company is certifying several riggers and signalpersons at once, then we’ll arrange to come to your work site and administer the training.

OSHA standards are tough, but they are necessary for a safe work site. ATS is committed to training riggers and signalpersons in the latest qualification and certification standards for crane operations.

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