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Hooks, Shackles, and Hitches

If you want to be a rigger, you’ll have to learn two things: The language and the tools. Heavy Equipment School will teach you all about hooks, shackles, hitches and more.

What Kind of Hooks Do You Need To Learn?

First, you need to know that not all hooks are created equal. There’s a different kind of hook for different tasks, and HES will show you which ones you need to know about and how to deploy them. Here’s a sample list of hooks we’ll teach you how to use:

  • Two-Legged connection hook
  • Eye hook
  • Swivel hook
  • Hook block
  • Overhaul ball

We’ll also teach you something about buckles and bridles. Next up, shackles (and we don’t mean the medieval kind).

What Kind of Shackles Should You Know About?

Just as their are different kinds of hooks, there are different configurations of shackles.

  • Two-legged connection shackle
  • Screw pin shackle
  • Safety shackle

And if that isn’t enough, we’ll teach you all about hoists and slings.

A Bevy of Hitches We’ll Teach You How To Use

Hitches serve a useful purpose, as well. Here are a handful of hitches you’ll learn how to use in Heavy Equipment School’s Rigger Certification Course.

  • Two-legged choker
  • Choker hitch
  • Basket hitch

Some of these hitches can be deployed numerous ways. And, of course, we’ll teach you how make a hoist too.

If you’re bent on being a rigger, let us teach you all about the tools and techniques to be a successful one.

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