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Rigger And Signal Person Training Helps Develop Flexible Work Teams

To be employed as a rigger or a signal person, you need to meet OSHA crane mandated qualifications. Riggers and signal persons have demanding jobs that come with a lot of responsibility. While a crane operator may be controlling the load, it is the rigger/signal person who is directing the crane operator – the two work hand in hand as a close team. In fact, in most cases, neither can operate without the other.

Meeting the minimum mandated qualifications need not be costly, nor should it impact on a business’s ability to operate. Winter is often the quiet time for many construction companies, so it is the perfect time to consider training options, especially for those individuals who may only perform certain tasks (like signal person) occasionally. Having several workers trained and qualified creates a flexible team of employees that makes allocating work tasks much easier.

ATS (Associated Training Services) has one of the most affordable OSHA compliant rigger/signalperson training programs available. Training can be adapted to workplaces when required ensuring there is minimal disruption to a business’s productivity. Our rigger and signal person certification program:

  • Exceeds OSHA qualification standard for rigging and signal persons.
  • Includes written and practical training and testing.
  • 32 to 36 hours (4 days) depending on number of candidates.
  • Certification issued by National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).
  • NCCCO Rigging Level One and NCCCO Signal Person Certifications.

Being able to undertake training and certification through the one training organization helps to ensure that minimal disruption. ATS has over 40 years training experience and we have developed a solid reputation amongst employers for delivery training that is appropriate while meeting national standards.

If you are looking to become a certified rigger or signal person, or if you’re an employer that could benefit through the certification of employees, then contact us for more information on rigger and signal person training and certification.

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