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Take Your Rigger Training From ATS

In heavy equipment, there is a huge need for people to hoist, lift, push, and pull heavy objects. There is special equipment for these large tasks and riggers are the people who operate that equipment. In order to secure advanced employment in the heavy equipment field as a rigger, you’ll need to be trained on this equipment.

ATS has a special training course just for riggers.

When you enroll in the ATS rigger course you’ll be trained according to the standards established by OSHA. There are two programs that will qualify you for work as a rigger on a heavy equipment operations team.

  • Rigger Qualification Program – This training program includes written and practical training and testing. It includes 8 to 12 hours of training, and once you complete training ATS will issue you a rigger qualification compliance card.
  • Rigger Certification Program – The ATS Rigger Certification Program consists of 32 to 36 hours of training and it also includes a written and practical training and testing portion during the course. ATS is not authorized to certify riggers so you’ll get your final certification certificate from the National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

Both of these courses will train you and qualify you to work as a rigger and as a signalperson on a heavy equipment operations team. Once you receive your qualifications you can start work immediately upon finding an employer. You are just a few short hours of being a qualified or certified heavy equipment rigger.

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