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Heavy Equipment – One Machine, One Operator

We live in an age where most businesses try to maximize the returns on their investments. With heavy equipment, sometimes the best return on your investment is use the one machine – one operator philosophy. This philosophy includes a rider towards the operator – it the machine isn’t working, neither are you!

This philosophy places the onus of the machines well being fairly and squarely on the operator. Look after the heavy equipment, keep it maintained, don’t push it beyond it’s limits and ensure it has all the right fluids and the machine will run well between major servicing. If you don’t look after it, keep it clean, if you are rough and reckless in it’s operation, and fail to ensure it has all the right lubricants, it is going to be constantly in the repair shop. While it is, your at home not earning.

Is it fair. In the long run, yes. Most of the time you are working away from any supervision. There is no one there to watch you and you know it. If you are rough with the machine and it breaks down, it is your fault. It will cost your employer to not only get the heavy equipment repaired, they may have to source a replacement machine (and operator) to get the job done.

Treat the heavy equipment properly and it wont break down. That will keep you employed and get the job done. This is where good training comes in. Training that not only shows you how to operate the machinery, but also what to look for when you inspect the equipment and what danger signs to look for when operating the equipment.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools we recognize the need for comprehensive training that does more than just teach you which levers to pull and buttons to push. We train you in preventative maintenance, safety and of course how to operate the heavy equipment.

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