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Do I Really Need A Training School To Operate Heavy Equipment

To become a heavy equipment operator does not necessarily require formal training through a training school. You can often be trained on the job and many years ago almost all operators were. These days however, there are a number of other factors that need to be considered.

The first and most important is the safety legislation that cover heavy equipment. If you are not trained to recognize safety situations and an accident occurs, you or your employer (or both) could be held responsible and sued, perhaps even facing criminal charges.

Some heavy equipment, for example trucks, require licenses to operate them. Not having a license again could lead to big fines or even criminal charges.

Operating heavy equipment is no longer a simple matter of moving knobs and levers. You are expected to know which attachements to use and how to fit them, how to do basic maintenance, and how to operate the new electronic devices such as GPS that comes with modern equipment.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can deliver the most up-to-date training available so you are ready to jump into the operators seat and start you career knowing you are fully trained and capable of doing the job.

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