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Specialized Heavy Equipment – Pipe Layers

Once the excavator, backhoe or trench-digger have completed their task, it is time to call in the specialized pipe laying machines. These are relatively easy to operate when it comes to controls. Most units are comprised of a swing control and raising and lowering controls. Of course, like most heavy equipment, they have a drive control for movement.

Pipe laying machines do just that. They pick up pipes are lower them into the trench as precisely as possible. This process means that long lengths of pipe can be lowered and connected fairly quickly. They can be used for hard piping such as the cement piping used for sewerage, stormwater, or mains water. They can also be used to lay softer pipes used for telecommunications such as fiber optics.

Whilst the operation of a pipe layer is fairly straight forward. Many businesses in this field prefer operators that have a history of heavy equipment operation such as a bulldozer, backhoe or excavator. There is certainly a requirement to have the safety aspects of this training before starting work. Training for a pipe layer builds on the skills already acquired and can be done on the job.

To gain skills as a heavy equipment operator, you need training from a reliable accredited training organization such as ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools. At ATS you can be trained in the use of a variety of machines including bulldozers, graders, excavators and front end loaders. Check out the site for details on free online training, training dates and employment assistance.

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