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What Attributes Make A Good Heavy Equipment Operator?

Being a heavy equipment operator does not suit everyone. There are certain personal attributes that are almost essential if you wish to work in this area. So what are these personal attributes?

The first attribute is simply a love of the outdoors. Working outside in a wide range of weather conditions is part of the job. Whilst most heavy equipment come fitted with weather proof cabs, there are still a lot o machines with open cabs.

The second attribute is a willingness to get your hands dirty. If you’re the kind of person who insists on clean hands 24/7, then this type of work may not be for you. You may not get your hands as dirty and greasy as a motor mechanic, there is still some dirt involved.

The third and perhaps most important attribute is one of patience. If a pile of dirt needs moving, there is a right and wrong way to do it. You can’t rush the job, it needs to be done slowly and methodically.

There are several skills that may also have an important bearing on your success as a heavy equipment operator. These include good hand-foot-eye co-ordination and the ability to accurately gauge distances and sizes.

With those attributes and basic skills, you are well suited to a career as a heavy equipment operator. All you need to add are the actual operational and safety skills associated with the equipment you intend operating.

This where ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can help you. Our accredited training can take those attributes and basic skills and turn them in to qualified and skilled heavy equipment operators. Put us to the test through our free online training program!

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