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Front End Loaders – Wheels Or Tracks?

Heavy equipment such as front end loaders can be manufactured with either wheels or tracks. The wheeled variety generally have large wheels that can stand shoulder high. Each type has its own use and its own breed of followers. Many prefer the track style whilst others have a preference for the wheeled style.

Front end loaders with wheels are are used on farms, with utility companies, in road construction and in heavy industries. Wheeled front-end loaders offer higher travel speeds than tracked models but do not have as much traction – an important consideration when working in slippery and uneven areas.

When working on slopes or in wet and slippery conditions then a tracked model can be the safer option. It has to be remembered that tracked front end loaders can often damage the ground they operating on. For this reason wheeled machines will need to be used on finished surfaces such as rounds or construction site clean ups.

Both machines operate in similar styles, the only major style being the method of propulsion. Heavy equipment training is similar for both machines although some extra training may be required on tracked vehicles to get a firm understanding of steering – wheeled machines are generally operated through a standard steering wheel. Tracked machines turn by controlling the speed and motion of each of the tracks.

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